Homestyle Macarole


1 package kraft homestyle mac and cheese

1 packet spam

1 cup peas

3 tablespoons sour cream

.5 teaspoon black pepper

.5 teaspoon cumin

.5 teaspoon blackened seasoning

8-10 slices pepperoni

.5 cup shredded Mexican blend cheese


Prepare mac n cheese according to directions. While pasta is cooking add peas if frozen. drain. cook cheese sauce according to directions. dice spam.

combine pasta, peas, diced spam, cheese sauce, spices, sour cream, in pot and mix up.

place in ovenware of your choice. sprinkle 3/4 of shredded cheese, then spread out diced pepperonis. then add bread crumb topping, then sprinkle with remaining cheese.

425 for about 20.

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